Maserati MSG FE Team Case Study
Social Strategy & Content Creation
The Challenge
When LightBros took over Maserati Formula E Racing Team's social media strategy, we were faced with an intriguing challenge. The team had a total of 7 partners, each requiring the right positioning in our content strategy. The difficulty lay in featuring these brands without making the posts feel overly commercial, maintaining a balance that wouldn't deter our fanbase. Alongside that, we also had the critical task of enhancing the cohesiveness and consistency of Maserati's feed. The importance of a uniform aesthetic in social media cannot be understated - it gives an identity to the brand and aids in the immediate recognition by the audience. However, achieving a unified look while managing to prominently feature all partners was a hurdle we had to overcome.
Our solution
LightBros devised an organic brand positioning strategy that aimed at promoting each partner subtly and effectively. Our solution relied on the creation of top-quality content that effortlessly incorporated partner brands, making their presence feel natural and unobtrusive. By placing values, purpose, and content strategy at the core of everything we do, we were able to produce on-site content that resonated with the audience while still showcasing the partner brands. We aimed for effortless operation to ensure a smooth execution of our plans, leading to a consistent and cohesive look on the feed that reflected Maserati Formula E Racing Team's identity. This strategic approach led to remarkable results: a whopping 400% increase in social media video views, reaching 5 million, and an impressive 286% growth in engagement. The cherry on top? They finished the season as Formula E vice champions!
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