Driven by curiosity.
Led by creativity.

Vision & Mission

Creating stories that help sustain a better future.

Connecting a new generation with conscious brands, combining creative strategy with visual storytelling.

At LightBros, we use social culture's growth to influence change because the ones inspired today are the change-makers of tomorrow.

“Brands are at the forefront of society's influence. For that reason, brands can inspire action"
- Forest Bakker

The Team

Founder & Co-CEO

Forest Bakker

Founder & Co-CEO | Operations

Francisco Utrera

Head of Post Production

Alvaro de Miguel

Creative Director

Claudia Molina Gómez

Head of Digital

Tamara Danielian

Production Manager

Fabio Fernandez

Lightbros turns purpose into action
with inspiring stories.

Oliver Umpierre
Director Studios Roff
I’ve been working with Lightbros on a couple of projects.The company showed high level of skill on all project phases. It was a pleasure to work with team as they showed true interest in quality and effectiveness of the solution, something you would expect from young production studio.
Fanny Lefort
Director, Montreal
I am a director from Montreal and I needed a team in Madrid to do a little video shoot for one of my project. I hired LightBros and they did a really great job. They are reliable, resourceful and creative.
Maria Juncadella
Super cool team to work with! Very innovative, always in line with the latest trends and best quality for value in Madrid.

All content we make is highly shareable. We are data-driven. Results don’t lie.

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