Black Eyed Peas Summer Tour 22
Event Coverage
The Challenge
What happens when you pair the unrelenting pace of the Black Eyed Peas' 2022 Summer Tour across Europe with the mission to provide blow-by-blow digital coverage? You get an adrenaline-fueled challenge! We were up against a rollercoaster of impromptu moments and rapid scene changes, all while trying to bottle the tour's pulsating energy into captivating content.
Our solution
At LightBros, we believe in catching lightning in a bottle - and boy, did we run with it! Our team was right there in the thick of things, seamlessly blending into the tour's rhythm. The camera rolled as we chased spontaneous moments and transformed them into digital gold. Our agile dance between planned and off-the-cuff content created a virtual tour experience that left fans feeling like they were rocking right alongside the Peas. Our high-octane ride with the Black Eyed Peas stands as a testament to LightBros' knack for turning dynamic challenges into rocking victories for those bold brands ready to soar!

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