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Next Generation

In the early stages of 2011, Thomas Paris and Forest Bakker started producing videos documenting their trips and adventures around the world to promote their sponsors, the art of media production and promoting became their passion. This gave them the opportunity to learn from experiences that led their way to a successful professional carer and decided to credit all of their movies with the now famous name of Light Bros. Several years later together with the help of Francisco Utrera they decide to make it official and today Light Bros Creative is producing high quality media content for some of the biggest brands in their sector.

Media Productions

Today LightBros Creative is born as a multifunctional modern and dynamic company dedicated to the complete management of design, media production and digital strategy advice.

Resources & Experience

Light Bros has the resources, the latest high tech equipment and a team with proven experience in the industry to allow you to adjust the work to the specifications and desires of each client.

Dynamic Team

Our team is dynamic, young and always in line with the latest innovations and trends, allowing us to renew and maintain a fresh image of your company, service or product.

“Our team is dynamic, young and always in line with the latest innovations and trends”

Our Studio

Our media production is based in Madrid, however we love traveling and working around the globe. The world is full of wonderful places and people, we could not be more grateful to work in different environments, different cultures and learn from every person who crosses our path, welcome to our office.

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